Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My life as a collector - Wearable art

Time to show another collection of mine: jewelry made by artists. It is not a large collection. I don't keep them in a jewelry box. I have the jewelry on display just like I do with my art toys collection. And yes, I do wear them. No point in having necklaces and not wear them, right? I would like to see more artists make jewelry or do collaborations with other companies. I love wearing art jewelry!

The Oneyes blog - Art jewelry  
My collection of wearable art: Dust Bunny necklace by Amanda Louise Spayd, owl necklace by Jeremiah Ketner, owl necklace by Jason Limon (laminate), pin by Doktor A, necklace by Jason Limon (ink it labs), brooch by Jason Limon

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's on my bookshelf - The art of Tara McPherson

On my bookshelf you can find two books containing the art by Tara McPherson. She is one of my favorite female pop surrealism artists. Tara has a unique style and color palette. The women in her work vary from strong rock chicks to angelic women with empty hearts. Power and vulnerability.

I have two books: Lost Constellations and Bunny in the moon. Both are books are visual eye candy and let you see the work from rough sketches to the final painting. The books contain only images of paintings, art prints and sculptures. No text except the foreword.

This is the perfect time to buy these books. The art boutique 'Cotton Candy Machine', created by Tara McPherson, can really use your help. They need help to keep the art gallery/shop open in New York. So show your support and buy their books via the Cotton Candy Machine website.

The Oneyes blog - Bookshelf

ISBN13 : 9781595822222
Publisher: Dark Horse
Hardcover | 112 pages

ISBN13 : 9781595828552
Publisher: Dark Horse
Hardcover | 112 pages

Friday, May 8, 2015

Louwman Museum

I like to explore museums. They can be a great source of inspiration. A museum that is located in a beautiful building is Louwman museum. They have the world's oldest private collection of classic cars. And that's what I like when it comes to cars... they have to be old. I have no interest in modern cars unless they are inspired by old classic cars. So last week I decided to visit this museum accompanied by my special car geek. Louwman museum is a beautiful museum and the collection is extensive. The building is also very beautiful and interesting. Heavily inspired by Art deco style.

The Oneyes blog - Louwman Museum
Photography: © Marianne Roosa

If you like cars then this place is a must see and if you don't like cars then there is still enough for you to see to enjoy your visit. There is so much more to see then just cars. The museum also displays a large collection of posters, paintings and sculptures inspired by cars. The period stores at the end and the glass cabinets throughout the museum show merchandising, packaging and toys related to cars through the ages. They even have the interior/exterior of a Zeppelin on display! You can easily spend 2 - 3 hours there so it's well worth a visit.

Louwman Museum
Leidsestraatweg 57
The Hague, The Netherlands

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ToyCon UK 2015

I am back from my visit to London. It was amazing! So many beautiful, inspiring things, places and people... Alexander McQueen at V&A, Hunterian museum, National Portret Gallery and of course a visit ToyCon UK!

I will tell you all about my London adventures. First up is my visit to ToyCon UK. This was the third edition and personally I thought it was the best edition. Why? Because of the diversity in artists/shops. There was a good selection of different styles… cute, creepy, customs, resin, sofubi, blind box, etc. There was something for everyone.

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK 2015
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Doktor A , Green Chimera, Haus of Boz, Hugh Rose

During the afternoon some artists/shops gave a short presentation about the work process of creating/selling toys. I did not know that so I think I've missed some but I liked the ones that I did hear: Mintyfresh, John Paul Kaiser, Hugh Rose and Coarse. Very informative!

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK 2015
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Fluffyhouse, Mujuworld , Jeremiah Ketner, Naomi Knaff

Before my visit to ToyCon UK I like to start with what I call pre-fun. The weeks before the event takes place I begin by checking the news about ToyCon UK and follow the artists on Instagram. I want to know what will be available on that day and what the prices will be. Two days before the event begins the hardest part… making a shopping list. Almost an impossible task. Money doesn't grow on trees and there are so many talented artists that I would like to support. The website of The Toy Chronicle has been a big help this year. So thank you for that, guys!

Then the shopping begins… I had three main themes in my mind: Robots, Woodland and Weird Creatures. I am very happy with the selection of art toys and prints that I took home with me. As always you run out of money when you visit ToyCon UK so I also took some business cards for future purchases.

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK  
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Uncle Absinthe, Andrew Byham, Justrobots, HXstudio

And now… the after-fun begins: browsing through the photos, admiring other people's Toycon UK purchases and rearranging the collection.