Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Fingers - Fruit plants

Gardening makes me happy! The garden is my happy place. When I am working in my garden I forget about everything. It is just me, the plants and the earth. Blocking out all sounds around me except the birds singing. I like to share my passion for gardening and hopefully get more people inspired to start gardening.

I've started my garden about 6 years ago from scratch with only a few plants that I've brought with me from my old garden. You can call me an intuitive gardener. I don't work with garden plans. I just look, feel and go with the flow. That seems to work fine for me. I had absolutely no previous experience with gardening having always lived in a city. So when I got a home with a garden I was very pleased. I see a lot of people being afraid of their garden so they go for the easy way: the concrete garden. Because a garden is being seen as a burden and not a joy. Personally I felt having a garden was a new adventure!

The Oneyes blog - green fingers
Photography: © Marianne Roosa

Like I've said in a previous blog post I am planning to grow more fruit and vegetables in my garden this year. My latest addition to the garden are some fruit plants. I could not decide which raspberry plant I should buy, so I went for this plant with 4 different varieties of raspberries. Problem solved! I also bought a cranberry fruit plant for my garden because I love cranberries. With these new plants I think have enough soft fruit plants in my garden.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's on my bookshelf? - The Garden of Eyecandy

The Garden of Eyecandy features artwork from international artists including the likes of Amy Sol, Camilla d'Errico, KuKula, Luke Chueh, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Mijn Schatje, Noferin, Brandt Peters, Koralie and many more. The book cover is luxurious and exquisite. Sadly the black paper that is being used on the inside pages of the book is not a good choice to print the artwork on. Print quality could be better, but this book is still candy to the eye and worthy of a place in any art library.

The Oneyes blog - bookshelf

ISBN13 : 9781584233121
Publisher: Gingko Press
Hardcover | 188 pages 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Color inspiration - Red, Black and Grey

I personally like creepy cute toys so this is one of my favorite color combinations: Red, Black and Grey. For dark theme inspired toys these are of course great color choices. The color red is perfect for blood spatters, heart shapes or devilish eyes. It's the character design that will make it a creepy cute or a cute toy.

The Oneyes blog - color inspiration5
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

Designer Toys: Android by Andrew Bell / Unipo by Unklebrand / Dunny by Andrew Bell / Dunny by Saner / Punk is not dead In-Crowd by Amos / Print: Seeker Friend wood print by Jeff Soto

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ciou - Beyond the Rainbow

Last weekend I went to see Ciou's solo art show 'Beyond the rainbow' at Kochxbos Gallery in Amsterdam. I love her work! So many creepy cute characters roam around in the fantasy worlds that she creates. I can go completely lost in the details... so much to look at! Elaborate paintings, hand-painted vintage wooden toys, life sized mural and a customized Munny... all on display at 'Beyond the rainbow'. Beautiful!

The Oneyes blog : Ciou

The Oneyes blog : Ciou  

Ciou - Beyond the rainbow 
Kochxbos Gallery Amsterdam
Jan 24 - Feb 28, 2015