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Custom Babycolossus for ToyCon UK

Upcoming weekend ToyCon UK 2017 will be taking place in London. Martian Toys will be present with a custom 'Babycolossus' group show. I am happy to be one of the participants. 'Babycolossus' is a toy design by Tomodachi Island,  resin casting by Evan Morgan. Both will also be present there with their own booth.

This is my artwork for the show. The original idea was inspired by bees but I decided to change the design because I was not happy with the colors. It didn’t feel right. So I started over and choose a color palette that was more me. I like cute but not too cute so the darker green and blue colors combined with gun metal are more my style. I have taken some photo’s that will show you how the custom toy looks like under a glass dome. The dome will not be included at ToyCon UK but this is how I would display the custom toy at my home.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Custom toy: Marianne Roosa

SAT 29th - SUN 30th APRIL 2017

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