Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tourist in my own country: Keukenhof

Sometimes it is fun being a tourist in your own country. Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is the world's second largest flower garden. It is situated in Lisse, the Netherlands. The Keukenhof is only open during Spring. It's a beautiful park to walk, relax and admire the beauty of hundreds of tulips and other spring bulbs. The Keukenhof is at its best during the last two weeks of April. Then most tulips and blossom trees are in full bloom.

The Oneyes blog - Keukenhof
Photography: © Marianne Roosa

The Keukenhof is also a beautiful location for toy photography. Last weekend I went to the Keukenhof and I took with me some Playmobil flower elves. They loved it!

The Oneyes blog - Keukenhof  
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

Lisse, The Netherlands
Mar 20 - May 17 2015
Opening hours: Daily 08.00 - 19.30


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Exhibition: Parra

Piet Parra is a Dutch artist/designer/clothing brand owner. Parra's style is characterized by playful illustrations with vibrant colors and quirky typography. His characters are surreal - people with bird heads, animals with women legs, etc.

As an art toy collector I know Piet Parra for his toys made by Kidrobot. I had never seen any of his other work so I thought it would be fun to visit the exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. It is a small exhibition but it shows you the many sides of Parra as an creative image maker. On display are designs for book covers, posters, sneakers, sculptures, skateboards, art toys, etc. He also made a big black and white mural. Beautiful!

The Oneyes blog - Parra exhibition  
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

March 7 - June 7, 2015
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Green Fingers - Grow your own food

My dream home is a country farm with lots of land and animals. Sadly that is not reality. I live in the suburbs and I have a small garden. It's more than most people have so I am happy with my secret garden surrounded by concrete gardens. It's a daily inspiration and brings me peace of mind. In a small corner of my garden I grow food. I use the walls to grow fruit and I use a container to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables. 

The Oneyes blog - Green fingers
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

Garden update: The fruit plants that I have planted at the beginning of this year are starting to grow. So that's a good sign. The blueberry is doing well also. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Color inspiration - Pretty in Pink

All shades of pink. From hot pink, to skin color pink, to salmon pink... they combine well together. Add some black and orange details and you have a toy that is pretty in pink without making it too sweet or too feminine.

The Oneyes blog - Color inspiration6
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

Designer Toys: 8" Dunny ' Nightmare in Jeremyville' by Jeremyville / 12" Dunce 'Fib' by Gary Baseman