About me

A short introduction:

My name is Marianne. I am a graphic designer born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied fashion design and graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I have worked many years as a graphic designer for advertising studios, industrial design studios and corporate design studios. Became an art toy collector which eventually lead to becoming a plush toy designer and vinyl toy customizer. Now I am working as a freelance designer from my home studio in The Netherlands accompanied by two big Ragdoll cats, Hummer Bumblebee and Healey Firefly, and lots of toys.

The Oneyes blog was initially created for news about The Oneyes, plush toy designs that I've made for many years. I have moved on and it feels only natural to do so with this blog. But I want to keep the name because The Oneyes were very important in my life. Now I want to feature more than just my own work. It took a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this blog. I have tried things out but it just didn't feel right. I was an uninspired blogger. Then I saw the light... This blog will be about life as an art toy collector! I have been collecting toys for many years and I have seen a lot of blogs about toys and toy news but not so much about the people who collect toys. So I am hoping with this blog to add something to the toy scene and inspire more people to collect art toys...

Thanks for stopping by!