ToyCon UK is one of the best places for art toy collectors in Europe. Whatever you collect you can find it here. From production toys to custom toys to one of a kind art pieces. I have managed to find some beautiful pieces to add to my collection. Before going I had prepared a short shopping list with things that I really wanted. It wasn’t on purpose but looking at the group photo I can see a theme. All pieces have something to do with nature one way or another. I also bought a resin model kit ' Nuketopus' by Evan Morgan to customize.

Photography: Marianne Roosa

Toyconuk 1
ToyCon UK 2017 Haul: custom vinyl toys, resin toys, handmade plush, production vinyl toy, enamel pins and a d.i.y. resin kit.

Toyconuk 2
Mother Nature, custom Bella Delamere by Uncle Absinthe

Toyconuk 3
From left to right: Leaf Spirit and Tree Spirit by Mujuworld

Toyconuk 4
From left to right: Lius, the tree rune staglet by RachMakes, Aki 3" custom dunny by Tomodachi Island, Whispering Bat by SukiSuki

Toyconuk 5
From left to right: Gretchen Lewis pin from Martian Toys, Rxseven skull pin, Owl pin by Mujuworld

As always there are things that you love but didn't buy because choices have to be made. Money does not grow on trees. This year Doktor A had some amazing pieces! Maybe another time...

Toyconuk 6Doktor A booth

This was my fourth visit to ToyCon UK. It was a 2-day event this year. I had a weekend pass but to be honest if I had bought a Saturday only ticket I would not have missed much. There were not a lot of one day specials and most of the artists booths were the same on Sunday. When I compare it to the years before I missed a few essential things like Q&A’s that will make people hang around for a full day. I love ToyCon UK but for a 5th anniversary edition I expected a little bit more. For a 2-day event to be successful you need to give people a reason to come back the next day. You need to have day specials, you need to have variety, you need to have entertainment and a place where people can sit and rest. Of course some of those things can only be done with the cooperation of the artists. Hopefully they will take all these things with them in their evaluation of this years event so next’s years event can only be better! ToyCon UK is still a fantastic event and a place you must visit if you are a toy collector.