Enamel pin collection

Enamel pins have become very popular during the last year or so. More and more artists are jumping on the bandwagon which I personally think is a good thing. These pins are usually available in the price range of $10.00 - $15.00. That makes it a low budget item that most people can afford. Another perfect way to bring some art from your favorite artist into your home. I have made some displays so I can hang the pins on my wall. I did not want make one big board to display my collection so I have used embroidery hoops in different sizes. I hang them on the wall in between the art prints and toys.

Pin Collection
Photography & Styling: © Marianne Roosa / Pins by Amanda Louise Spayd, Doktor A and Ponypeople

My pin collection started with the Mechtorians pins from Doctor A way back in 2012. He still has some of the older pins available in his shop and he recently added a new series of pins.

Pin Collection - Doktor A 
Photography & Styling: © Marianne Roosa / Pins by Doktor A

The only other pins that I have in my collection are cat pins. My favorite cat pins are from Ponypeople, a Dutch designer. These pins have found a place on the wall in my cats room.

Pin collection - Cats
Photography & Styling: © Marianne Roosa / Pins by Ponypeople

Other pins that I have in my collection are from Amanda Louise Spayd. I love those Dust Bunnies pins! I have a bat and a bee pin. Hoping she will continue with more releases. I mainly collect enamel pins from artists. On my wishlist are pins from: Camille Rose Garcia, Ciou, Brandt Peters, Katie Olivas, Camille d’Errico, Lana Crooks to name but a few of my favorites.  Hopefully I can add some of them to my collection this year.


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