Toy display ideas

Sometimes I see toy collections where I think that they could be displayed so much better. I see so many beautiful, expensive toys just cramped in between other toys on a shelf. Of course I understand when you have so many toys that you run out of room but I still think it’s a shame. You’ve spend so much money on these toys and now you can not even see their beauty because they are hidden behind so many other toys. At other times I see shelves with plenty of room but the toys just stand there like the are on display in a shop.

So I thought it would be fun to share some ideas on how you can display your toys at home. As an example I will use one of my Doktor A shelf displays.

The Oneyes Blog: Doktor A display
Photography & Styling: © Marianne Roosa / Toys and art by Doktor A


The Oneyes Blog : Toy display ideas
Photography & Styling: © Marianne Roosa / Toys and art by Doktor A

When I have collected several toys of one artist I like to put them on display together so you can see how the certain style of an artists looks like on different shapes and sizes. 

Too many colours can look chaotic so try to combine colors that look good together. You can place as many toys as you want on a shelf but because they are color coordinated is does not look too busy.

Layering of things can make the display look more lively. Play with shapes and sizes, add prints to create a backdrop, etc. In this example I have placed a picture frame against the back, put some of the bigger toys on the the side and in the middle I’ve placed a small toy in a glass dome to give it more height. In front of the dome I have placed some smaller pieces like a framed enamel pin. So you have three layers in total.

Styling props
Try to find some styling props to enhance the style of the artist. They can be books, picture frames, etc. In this case Doktor A has a Steampunk inspired style so I’ve used some things like old keys, wooden spools and a small glass dome with a wooden base. 

I hope these tips will inspire you. Have fun trying things out!