Toy Podcasts

A relatively new thing that I am into these days is listening to toy podcasts. Do you listen to podcasts? I always thought what is the fun into listening to people talk about toys? No pictures, just a whole lot of words coming at you.

I saw photo's on my Instagram feed regarding toy podcasts more regularly so I thought why not give it a try? Hear what all the fuss is about. I've tried out several different podcasts and my favorite toy podcast has to be Marsham Toy Hour. Listening to this round table discussion of people working in the toy scene I personally find very interesting. It gives a good insight of what is going on in the toy world. The kind of things you don't know about when you are just a collector.

The Oneyes Blog - Toy podcasts 

Here are some links to podcasts about vinyl/resin toys so you can check them out. If you know of more toy podcasts please let me know.

Marsham Toy Hour
A weekly round table discussion of news and events in the designer toy scene with Gary Ham, Aaron Hulsizer and Tyler Ham

The Blindbox Podcast
This podcast is about music, models, toys, etc. As a toy collector I think you will find the interviews with artists like Huck Gee, Gary Ham and Chris Ryniak interesting.