Customized Vinyl Toys

I personally don't have a lot of custom vinyl toys in my collection but the ones that I do have are very special to me. Why? Because they are one of a kind and they are small pieces of art. I have a small collection of customized toys by Uncle Absinthe. I like his style... the tiny leaves and the wood structure. I am a gardener and I love nature so maybe that's why I like his work so much. I have a customized Cavey, Munny and a Lunartik in a Cup of Tea. Hopefully I can add more to my collection in the near future because they look great together!

The Oneyes Blog - Custom Toys
Photography: © Marianne Roosa / Custom Toys: Uncle Absinthe

As a toy collector I am always looking at my collection to see if I am happy with it and if there is something that I would like to change. One thing that I would like to change is the fact that I don't have a lot of custom toys. Being a toy customizer myself it is strange not to have more custom toys in my collection. So that is something that will have my attention this year.

The Oneyes Blog - Custom Toys
Photography: © Marianne Roosa / Custom Toys: Uncle Absinthe and Haus of Boz

For people who don't know what custom vinyl toys are or want to know more about them here's some info that might help:

What are customized toys?
A customized vinyl toy is really a piece of art. The artists transforms the production based vinyl toy with additional sculpting and painting. Adding his/her own style to it and creating a totally new character. Custom toys are usually more expensive because they are one of a kind and the artist will spend hours customizing this toy. A good customized toy is definitely worth it!

Why do people collect customized toys?
There are different reasons to collect customized toys. The most important one is that you want something unique in your toy collection. You can build a special collection around your favorite toy platform and let different artists customize those toys. Another way to build a special collection is to have one favorite artist customize different toy platforms. Both ways are a guarantee that you will have a very unique art toy collection.

Where to buy customized toys?
The easiest way is to buy custom vinyl toys at Toy Cons and/or Comic Cons. The designer toy shops who have a booth at those events usually have some special customized toys available too. You can also buy custom toys at art shows in art galleries. They usually will become available online at the gallery shop after the opening of a show. Another way is to buy them when an artist has some available at his online shop. Most of the time this will be announced on their social media pages so you need to follow him/her to keep up with the latest news. Usually they are sold out very quickly. A more personal way is to contact the artist directly and ask if he/she wants to make a custom toy for you. Sometimes an artist has a waiting list so that means you will have to wait a while. I have never done this so I don't know how the payment will take place but I guess it will depend on the artist agreement.