Wishlist - Nathan Jurevicius' Nightriders

Here is something to look forward to in 2016!

The 'Nightriders' by Nathan Jurevicius and KidRobot. When I saw the vector sketches I wasn't sure about these designs but now I have seen photo's of the toys. I have to say that I really like them. Look at those fantastic color combinations! The packaging design is a psychedelic delight. It also looks like they will be using some metallic paints and transparent materials. These are the kind of toy designs that I like to see from KidRobot. Toys by Artists!

The Oneyes Blog - Wishlist

This new series the 'Nightriders' will feature a mix of Munny world characters like Munny, Raffy and Trikky combined with Dunny. They are blind box toys and are 3" tall. The series contain 14 different designs and a sealed display case will contain 20 figures. The expected arrival date is early 2016 so we need to wait a while but so far it looks like it will be worth the wait!