Toy packaging

If you collect toys for many years then there is one problem that you have to face... What to do with the packaging? As a collector you know the value of the packaging. A toy is always worth more in the original packaging. So you try to save the boxes. You never know if you may need it when you decide to sell your collection. But that is easier said then done. When you have been collecting toys for many years you need a lot of room to store the boxes. A collection usually begins with a few blind boxes but then it evolves into something more and bigger. The 8 inch toys come with bigger boxes and plastic inlays. In the beginning it does not matter. The design of the boxes are nice so you just display them together with the toy. But then the shelves fill up. No room for the boxes anymore. So what to do now? Some people throw them away. I am not one of those people. I try to keep all the boxes.

The Oneyes Blog - Toycollector

How do I do it? I keep the boxes in plastic containers and I have one cupboard that is filled with boxes. The blind boxes I fold flat so they will not need so much room in the plastic container and the boxes from the bigger art toys I will place in the cupboard. Once a year I will rearrange it in an attempt to create more space for more boxes. I call it 'Toy Box Tetris'. Trying to fit the pieces so no space is left unused. So far so good. I have 6 plastic containers and I still have space in the cupboard. But there will come a time when maybe even I have to ask myself this difficult question:'Shall I keep the toy packaging or not?'