Toy photography

When you follow me on Instagram then you will already know that I like to take photo's of my toy collection. It is a fun way to 'play' with the toys that you collect and share your love for toys with other toy collectors.

When you look around on Instagram you can see different kinds of toy photographers. The people who take a special toy with them when they travel around the world. People who focus on one toy brand like Lego or Playmobil. Some toy photographers are really good set decorators and create special decors for their toys. There are people who take their art toys outside and photograph them in the 'real world' and there are also people who show their collection on display in their homes. There are so many ways to get involved into toy photography!

What kind of toy photographer am I? My toy collection is eclectic and that you will see in my photo's too. I have been trying things out on Instagram, finding my identity as a toy photographer. I like styling so I am slowly moving away from photo's of just one toy. I want to create small worlds for my toys. For a Halloween giveaway on Instagram I've made a series of photo's. It's a short Halloween story called 'BOO!'. This was so much fun. This is the way I want to go with toy photography... tell short stories.

The Oneyes Blog - Toy photography

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Theresa Hawkins said…
Hey! Tmhawk24 from instagram :) Didn't realize you had a blog until you mentioned it in one of your ig posts! Been enjoying reading through it. Thank you for the mention! <3