Toy Collector - Thimblestump Hollow

My latest toy buy is the Thimblestump Hollow series, the Carnival edition, by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. This time I have bought a case because each case includes all 10 figures in the series. A case contains 10 different characters (5 characters from Chris and 5 characters from Amanda) and 2 special alternate colorways.

The Oneyes Blog - Toy collector
Photography: © Marianne Roosa
I love these little creatures! I have been a fan of Chris and Amanda's work for a while now but their work is very difficult to get hold of. Each sale is sold out in a matter of minutes so I was happy when the news came out that Cardboard Spaceship had teamed up with them to create this vinyl series.

The toys are slightly bigger than a Dunny but somehow they look much bigger. Even though the typical style of each artist is still recognizable the black eyes bring all the designs together and the end result is one unified series. At first I had my doubts... aren't they too cute? But I am glad I have bought a case because I really like these creatures! They can be cute... but they can also be creepy. It all depends on their surroundings and the lighting. On Instagram I will experiment with light and effects to show you what I mean.