Toy Collector - Dunny series 'The 13'

In the toy collector blog posts I will share my new toy buys, toys on my wishlist, toy events, etc. The latest toys that I have added to my collection are the new Dunny series 'The 13' designed by two of my favorite artists Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas. This is the first Dunny series of which I like all the designs. I really like the theme and the use of accessories. So it would make sense to buy a case right? No... I am not a Dunny case buyer. Let me tell you why.

The Oneyes Blog - Toy collector
Photography: © Marianne Roosa

When a new series of Dunnies come out they are available in a sealed case containing 20 boxes and in single blind boxes. In every case there is a rare design that is called a chase. Even if you buy a case there is no guarantee that this chase design is included. Nor is there a guarantee that all other designs are in the case. So you can end up with a case with only part of the series, no chase and plenty of dupes. The price of this case was way too high for me and I saw some case lay outs that were very disappointing. So in my opinion it was not worth the risk.

I usually buy open blind boxes so I can choose the designs that I like. The price of an open blind box Dunny is more then you pay for a blind box Dunny. I don't mind if it's a little bit higher because in the end it is still cheaper than buying a whole case filled with dupes and designs that you don't like. The only downside of buying open blind boxes is that you will never end up with the chase design unless you are willing to pay way more than I think a 3 inch Dunny is worth. Don't hate me for saying that. It is just my personal opinion. Because I had this feeling that these designs were going to be very popular (and they are!) I stepped out of my comfort zone and placed a pre-order for some blind boxes. Then when they finally arrived in The Netherlands (about 3 weeks later then the arrival date in the USA which was a bit disappointing) I had lady luck on my side because I pulled all my favorites in the blind boxes and bought other favorites open boxed. Now I am still missing 3 designs and the two chases. The chases I will probably never buy because I already saw some ridiculous prices beings asked for them on Ebay and the other 3 will be added to my collection later on.

My suggestion to Kidrobot is that they make cases where all the designs are included... even the chase designs. That would make buying a whole case more interesting. If Cardboard Spaceship (another toy manufacturer who have made 'Wandering Misfits' and 'Thimblestump Hollow') can do it why not Kidrobot?