My life as a collector - Art postcards

A good alternative for collecting art prints from your favorite artists are art postcards. It is an affordable way to bring art into your home. Sometimes even art prints are not affordable if you live in Europe and your favorite artists live in the USA. The sad thing is that it has nothing to do with the price of the art prints themselves but has more to do with shipping costs and import/tax fees that are added on top of the retail price. These costs are sometimes more than the art print itself! So if you have a very limited art budget than collecting art postcards is a fun way to start your art collection.

The Oneyes Blog - Collector of postcards

How to display them in your home? I use beautiful picture and photo frames to display the art postcards. Also I am always searching for the perfect card rack for my growing postcard collection. Besides picture frames and card racks there are so many other ways to display the art postcards. I will share some ideas about that later.

Where to find art postcards? Many artists sell them on their own website or in shops on Etsy and Big Cartel. You can also check out gallery online shops.