Bookshelf: The Outside by Greg Craola Simkins

I finally have a book with the artwork of Greg Craola Simkins on my bookshelf! I have been an admirer of his work for many years. I love the way how he creates bizarre worlds that are filled with animals, flowers and pop surrealistic creatures. Also his use of colors is something that I like very much. His work makes me think of those big still life paintings of the Old Masters. Greg Craola Simkins is a master in mixing the old with the new and creating his own characteristic style.

The book shows a selection of this work from 2005 - 2013. It features many of his paintings in full color. The book design is beautiful. The hardcover, the paper, the lay out, the colors all work very well together. The use of a black background is well chosen. It sets the mood perfectly. Not much text except the foreword and introduction. This book is mainly eye candy and definitely worth its money.

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I love it when artists are able to translate their 2d art work into art toys. There are a few art toys available designed by Greg Craola Simkins. My all time favorite toy from Greg Craola Simkins is 'The Walrus' manufactured by Upper Playground.

Another one of his designs that I like is 'Ralf' available in different colors. Sadly I have not seen this toy available at toy stores in Europe. So if you want one then you have to check out the online store of 3D retro.

ISBN : 978-0985063801
Publisher: Presto Art
Hardcover | 280 pages