ToyCon UK 2015

I am back from my visit to London. It was amazing! So many beautiful, inspiring things, places and people... Alexander McQueen at V&A, Hunterian museum, National Portret Gallery and of course a visit ToyCon UK!

I will tell you all about my London adventures. First up is my visit to ToyCon UK. This was the third edition and personally I thought it was the best edition. Why? Because of the diversity in artists/shops. There was a good selection of different styles… cute, creepy, customs, resin, sofubi, blind box, etc. There was something for everyone.

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK 2015
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Doktor A , Green Chimera, Haus of Boz, Hugh Rose

During the afternoon some artists/shops gave a short presentation about the work process of creating/selling toys. I did not know that so I think I've missed some but I liked the ones that I did hear: Mintyfresh, John Paul Kaiser, Hugh Rose and Coarse. Very informative!

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK 2015
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Fluffyhouse, Mujuworld , Jeremiah Ketner, Naomi Knaff

Before my visit to ToyCon UK I like to start with what I call pre-fun. The weeks before the event takes place I begin by checking the news about ToyCon UK and follow the artists on Instagram. I want to know what will be available on that day and what the prices will be. Two days before the event begins the hardest part… making a shopping list. Almost an impossible task. Money doesn't grow on trees and there are so many talented artists that I would like to support. The website of The Toy Chronicle has been a big help this year. So thank you for that, guys!

Then the shopping begins… I had three main themes in my mind: Robots, Woodland and Weird Creatures. I am very happy with the selection of art toys and prints that I took home with me. As always you run out of money when you visit ToyCon UK so I also took some business cards for future purchases.

The Oneyes blog - ToyCon UK  
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 
From left to right: Uncle Absinthe, Andrew Byham, Justrobots, HXstudio

And now… the after-fun begins: browsing through the photos, admiring other people's Toycon UK purchases and rearranging the collection.