My life as a collector - Frames

If you collect something then you probably collect other things too. It can be something that has a connection with your main collection or it can be something completely different. With the 'My Life as a collector' posts I am sharing some of the things that I collect next to my main collection which is art toys/designer toys. Besides the toys I also like to collect the 2D art work of the artists. This can vary from art postcards, drawings or prints. Most people buy art and then choose the picture frame. I buy frames that are interesting in shape and/or size. Then I go searching for the perfect piece of art work to go into that frame. Sometimes that is not so easy. The end result is that I have a lot of empty frames waiting to be matched with beautiful art work. So you can say I am a collector of frames.

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My collection of black frames. Art Postcards by Amanda Louise Spayd.