Color inspiration - Teal and Red

Teal and Red is not a much used color combination in toy design. I could only find two toys in my own toy collection. When I do a search in a toy database then the most used colors in combination with teal are other green/blue colors or yellow. I think Teal in combination with red is a strong color combination. Personally I had my doubts at first but I am glad I decided to buy these two toys and art print because now they belong to one of my favorites. Sometimes you need to give it some time to like colors. First impressions aren't always the right one.

The Oneyes blog - color inspiration
Photography: © Marianne Roosa 

Designer Toys: Bunny Ride, Go!! by Brandi Milne / Argyle Warrior dunny by Scott Toleson / Print: Seeker Friend wood print by Jeff Soto