Court Jester Tea & Lonely Hearts Dunny

I've finished two custom art toys this week. My first time that I've customized a mini Cup of Tea. This is a Brew it Yourself (B.I.Y) version of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea. A difficult toy to work with since there are so many small parts. But I like the possibilities of this toy. You can do so many things with it. I have plenty of ideas for future custom mini Tea's!

BLOG Court Jester Tea

With Valentine in mind and being a hopeless romantic at heart I've created a new custom toy series: 'Lonely Hearts'. Introvert custom toys with a heart of gold seeking that special someone who will love them. 'Lonely Hearts' Dunny is the first. I will be adding more 'Lonely Hearts' customs soon. Both custom art toys will be available at my Etsy shop

BLOG Lonely Hearts Dunny