A journey back in time: Birth of The Oneyes

The very first Oneye design was made in April 2005. This design I've made just for fun for a creative online challenge called 'A month of Softies'. I always liked plush toys but I had never made one. So I thought it would be fun to participate and give it a try.

I decided to design a monster softie that was simple in line and shape. A monster that had lost some of his body parts during the years. So he had just one eye, two teeth, two short legs and no arms. His name was also simple but clear 'Oneye'.

People's reactions were very positive. One thing lead to another and in November 2005 I decided to open The Oneyes Shop. At first there were only different color variations of the original design available. When time went on more and more designs were added. The Oneye family was born.

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mamutopia said…
Oh dat weet ik nog, dat je deze had! :) Ze blijven leuk.
Schmancy said…
it's so cool to see your first piece and how much your style has changed, improved, evolved. Congrats!